Career is not a one-time process or something that happens at one point in your life. Career development is a lifelong process with its root deep down into your childhood. A large number of factors play a very pivotal role in shaping your career. Interests, Abilities, Values and Personality, Social and Family Background along with circumstantial or situational factors.

Career is basically much more than choosing your forte, your area of expertise. It encompasses your whole life. That is to why basically it is a lifelong process. The major governing criteria is one of the aforementioned factors, that is, the circumstances and situations. This brings us to the point where in the role of a counselor comes into picture. One pertinent point that needs to be kept in mind here is that the career counselor will help you in not only making the right decision but also to give you knowledge and skills required for the shaping of your career in future. But ultimately, you will be your own game changer since the counselor would empower you with right mindset.

Things to expect from your Career Counselor

Your career counselor will:

  • Help you discover your real self, your educational aspirations, your career and your life.
  • Serve as a person you can express yourself to in context of your feelings, ideas, emotions, thoughts and concerns about the choice of your field of education and career.
  • Be someone who will assist you in sorting out and organizing the random thoughts and ideas into something that is more coherent and makes sense according to your forte
  • Guide you in identifying the important factors that influence the development of your career
  • Assess your interests, abilities and values by various testing techniques to turn them into a successful career for you
  • Assist you in locating the sources of career related information and locating the needed resources for the same
  • Forge your thought process in helping you to determine the forward steps that are needed to turn your action plan into reality

Need for Career Counseling

Career Counseling being a vital process at all the stages of life, needs an altogether different approach to know what you require at various levels. Be it the initial phase of your entry to the senior level i.e. Class IX or be it Class X when you are to make up your mind in choosing the stream for Class XI and XII. In class XI , you will need career counseling (just as the case was in Class IX) to make up your mind as to what course of study you want to pursue after Class XII. It is in Class XII when you will need to know the actual existing areas that will open up for you after you have passed the Class XII Board Exam.

Help in resolving conflicting situation like:

  • “I like many subjects but I keep changing my mind since I am unable to decide which one is the best for me.”
  • “I don’t like any of my academic classes and none of the subjects fascinate me.”
  • “I had planned to go into __________ course. I had applied but could not get admission. What should I do now?”
  • “I had always thought I want to be a ___________ but when I got into that I realized that I don’t really like it.”
  • “My family wants me to be a __________, but I am not sure if I too want to be the same.”
  • “I want to look for a career which will assist me to provide a strong and stable financial support for my family”
  • “I really like the course that I have selected but I feel that this is not something I would want to take up as my career.”
  • “I would want to search for such a field for my career where there would always be a bulk of jobs opportunities.”
  • “I have always been planning to become a ________ but now I sometimes wonder if this is only because that is all I know.”

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